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With eight books in the series and more on the way, this could take you to June !

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This classic fantasy series explores the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, but from the perspective of the women involved. Starting with Igraine, wife of Uther, and following the women of Avalon as well as the courts, The Mists of Avalon presents a totally new side to this classic tale.

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Magic and witchcraft are at the heart of the story, as the women attempt to prevent the Christians from taking over their land. With a very pagan approach to magic, the solstice celebrations appear throughout the book and the rest of the series. The starting point for another quite huge series, The Mists of Avalon is a perfect read for lovers of female-fronted fantasy.

Celebrating the Summer Solstice in the UK

Ok, it may be a play, rather than a novel — but what kind of solstice reading recommendation could leave out this classic by the Bard himself? Taking place on the night of Midsummer, this romantic tale brings together a group of young, star-crossed Athenian lovers, a troupe of actors, and the King and Queen of the fairies. Pranks are played by the mischievous fairy Puck and everyone begins to pine for the wrong person and of course, the unfortunate Bottom is transformed into a literal ass…!

The Summer Solstice: Enchanted K. One for fans of YA fantasy, Enchanted is the first in a new series — and the only one currently published, so be on the lookout for the rest in the future! The story follows Kat Summer, a young girl whose mother dies in a tragic accident, and ends up living with her grandmother. As her birthday approaches, Kat begins to have visions and dreams and learns that her family is descended from the Greek gods. The book is filled with magic and myth, along with the usual teen romance that exists in most YA novels.

The trilogy explores intertwining stories of a family of witches, the sprit who haunts them, the Talamasca a secret society who follow the paranormal , and the Taltos.

6 Days Summer Solstice Yoga Holiday in Iceland

While much of this classic, romantic-horror focuses on the complex familial relationships of the Mayfair witches and their interactions with the spirit world, the solstices are featured as an important part of the books. Notably, in the final novel, Taltos , the picts, celts, and the old pagan religions of Britain are brought up, along with the celebrations of these important dates on the wheel of the year. Great Scott! The hilarious hit movie from the s is now a wild and wacky picture book perfect for kids of any age!

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Katrina is 15 years old when her mother, Grace, unexpectedly dies of a heart attack, leaving Katrina in their North Carolina apartment. Abandoned by her father at birth, Katrina has seemingly nowhere to turn until her estranged paternal grandmother, Rose Summer, offers to step in as guardian.

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  • This means leaving behind her life in North Carolina for the quaint seaside town of Apollo Beach, Florida. Katrina also learns that her grandmother is a wealthy local celebrity who exerts a mysterious influence over the community and local businesses. Katrina learns that 16 is a threshold age when she becomes eligible to learn all of the Summer family secrets her mother worked hard to hide. Katrina finds herself torn between a desire to explore the origins of her newfound powers and the chance to be a normal teen who flirts and falls in love.

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