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While most books for care givers of autistic children focus on improving motor, language, or social skills, this book by Tara Delaney offers myriad ideas for something just as important: play. The book is full of tips and suggestions for interactive games that are easy to learn and perfect for either indoor or outdoor playtime.

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Through these games, children with autism can learn stay focused, make eye contact, improve important skills, and practice interacting with others. Topics include dealing with tantrums, attending in a classroom, eating in restaurants, and much more. This highly useable guide by Makato Shibutani provides readers detailed explanations, complete with illustrations and real-world examples, of various terms and topics common to a discussion about applied behavior analysis.

This commonly used textbook and Amazon bestseller provides its usually student readers with detailed descriptions and summaries of the must-know aspects of applied behavior analysis. This book by J.

Elliott / Gresham / Witt | Handbook of Behavior Therapy in Education |

Pearson, currently available as an ebook, offers basic information for the reader at the beginning stages of researching applied behavior analysis. Its simple approach makes it a valuable resource for those hoping to get an idea of what ABA is, what it looks like, and what it can do.

What better way to learn about applied behavior analysis than real-world examples and case studies?

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Some of the topics covered include identifying behaviors, functional assessment, antecedents and consequences, and so much more. Behaviorspeak is a handy reference guide and glossary of common terms used in applied behavior analysis. What makes Behaviorspeak different from other definition-themed books is its humorous style. Though thorough and relevant, this book uses easy-to-understand language and illustrations to provide readers with the necessary knowledge to discuss ABA confidently. This book by Keith Storey and Linda Haymes consists of 21 real-world case studies from which students preparing for ABA certification can study and learn.

Each case study is written for the reader to help analyze, making it a valuable study tool. Best of all, the text is easy to understand, yet detailed.

An applied behavior analysis curriculum can start young, and this book provides a complete curriculum that any care giver can provide. This unique resource provides one with everything a person may need to teach important skills such as eye contact, appropriate sitting, language skills, and play, to name but a few. Each lesson comes with thorough step-by-step instructions, plus supplementary materials such as color picture cards, printable copies, and checklists. Crafting Connections is a useful book for any parent, teacher, or professional behavior analyst who works one-on-one with children on the spectrum.

Through easy-to-read descriptions and methodical instruction, the book covers such topics as social learning, social relatedness, social interaction, social awareness, and social communication, among other things. Effective Programs for Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder is a comprehensive guide that parents, teachers, and service providers can use to better assist those with autism. This popular and helpful book is organized into three sections: characteristics of and general theories surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder; a detailed overview of applied behavior analysis; and the various strategies associated with ABA.

This important book, currently in its 3rd edition, is meant to help parents and professionals stay up-to-date on the Behavior Analyst Certification Board Professional and Ethical Compliance Code. To supplement, the authors, Jon Bailey and Mary Burch, include dozens of real-world examples to illustrate various ethical solutions. This textbook-like book is mercifully clear-cut and easy to follow. The comprehensive volume — meant for parents, teachers, students, or professionals — provides readers with tons of realistic examples supported with research and real-world case studies.

It will give readers insight into a variety of relevant topics ranging from the language used by ABA professionals to the most effective procedures for changing behavior.

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Flexible and Focused by Adel C. Najdowski is a helpful reference for behavior analysts and other caregivers of those on the autism spectrum. What do we know about behavioral analysis and intervention in educational settings?

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Given that educational institutions were among the first to embrace the new technology of behavior change in the late s and early s, it is apparent that we have had the opportunity to learn a great deal. Many "facts" now taken for granted were considered impossibilities a mere two decades ago.

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In her presidential address to Division 25 of the American Psychological Association, Beth Sulzer-Azaroff reviewed a number of changes in attitude in education that were strongly influenced by behavior therapy. Most educators now agree that a everyone can learn, b complex skills can be taught, c precise, general, and durable performance can be taught, and d barriers to learning can be overcome. In addition, we would add that behavior therapy is being applied to increasingly more complex human problems, such as social skill deficits, internalizing disorders, and dysfunctional systems and organizations.

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